Winterizing your pool

1 Bring a water sample to the store for a final test a day or two before you close the pool. If you are using a safety cover, please remind us and see the section below.

2 Shock pool and add algaecide:
If your pool has 50,000 to 60,000 litres, add 7.5 litres Liquid Chlorine and 1 litre 4LG.
If your pool has 60,000 to 90,000 litres, add 10 litres Liquid Chlorine and 1 litre MBA 60.
If your pool has 90,000 to 130,000 litres, add 15 litres Liquid Chlorine and 1 litre MBA 60.

The pool must be left to circulate for at least 2 hours to distribute the chemicals before winterizing the equipment to avoid liner damage.

3 CAUTION: If the water table in your area is high, please check with the store first for directions before lowering the water level. Lower the water level 16-18 inches below the coping, usually just below the return jets.
CAUTION: Please respect your neighbours and any municipal or other regulations when draining your pool.
SAND FILTER: Close the skimmer line. Backwash the filter for 10 minutes then set the multiport on ‘waste’ until you reach the right level.
CARTRIDGE FILTER: Turn the pump off. Close the skimmer line. Roll out the discharge hose. Open the discharge valve on the filter. Remove the lock rings, eyeball and ball seats from the return fittings. There are inexpensive tools available at the store to make this easier. Temporarily install the winter plugs on the returns. Turn the pump back on until you reach the right level.

4 To empty the skimmer line, run the pump with the skimmer line open and the main drain line closed. When the pump runs dry (about 2 minutes), close skimmer line and then shut off the pump. Install the GIZZMO into the skimmer to take up ice expansion. If the skimmer is above ground level or if the main drain line connects to the skimmer and not directly to the pump, please ask our staff for alternate instructions.

5 SAND FILTER: Drain the filter by removing the cap at the bottom. Put the multiport handle in a raised position between 2 notches. Make sure that water is draining out of the filter. If the water does not drain, you will have to blow the water out of the filter. Ask our staff for instructions.
CARTRIDGE FILTER: Drain the filter by opening the discharge valve on the filter. Open the air bleed valve to allow air into the filter. When the filter is empty disconnect and roll up the discharge hose.

6 SAND FILTER: To blow the water out of the return lines, use a vacuum cleaner that can be set to blow or an air compressor. Attach the blower hose where the backwash hose comes out of the filter and put the multiport handle on ‘Filter’ with a screwdriver under the front of the handle to hold it in a raised position. Replace the plug on the bottom of the filter. The skimmer and main drain lines must be closed and the pump lid closed. -or- disconnect the return line to the pool from the filter and connect the blower to it. Remove the lock rings, eyeball and ball seats from the return fittings. There are inexpensive tools available at the store to make this easier. Plug the returns off one at a time, starting with the one from which the air blows first.
CARTRIDGE FILTER: To blow out the return lines, remove the previously installed winter plugs. Connect a vacuum cleaner that can be set to blow or an air compressor to the discharge valve on the filter. Plug the returns off one at a time, starting with the one from which the air blows first. If you have a strong blower, you can also blow out the main drain line, but this is not required on most pools.

7 Remove both plugs from the pump. If the pump is not in a shed, bring it inside or cover it loosely to protect it from the elements.

8 Remove pressure gauges, plugs and air bleed assemblies from the filter. On sand filters, leave the multiport handle on winterize to protect the gasket. For cartridge filters, remove the cartridges from the filter and bring them to the store for cleaning, or use a recommended cartridge cleaner.

9 For gas heaters, remove the winterizing plugs. On many gas heaters you will also need to disconnect the pressure switch from the siphon loop inside the heater. Please check your manual for details. For Titan heat pumps, please make sure you disconnect the unions where the pipes connect to the heat pump and let the water drain out. Blowing out the lines to the pool will NOT clear the water from this heater. You may reconnect the unions once the water has drained out.

10 For GEN-R-8 and Hayward Aquarite chlorine generators, disconnect the cell and remove any remaining water. The cell may be reconnected or brought inside for the winter. It should be cleaned using the GEN-R-8 cell cleaning kit before the pool is restarted in the spring.

11 Remove ladders and guard rails from pool. Grease the anchor bolts. Cover walk-in steps with a sheet of 3/4"or 5/8" outdoor grade plywood.

12 To install a VINYL HANGING COVER into the coping - put the corners in first, tacking them in temporarily. Work your way around the pool tacking the cover in every 10'. Once you know the cover is in the proper place install the rest of it. Place clips or wedges every 2-4 feet. The corners will need extra clips. When you are done, take a permanent marker and note landmarks such as ladders and skimmers to make installation easier next fall.

13 Please monitor the pool water level after you close it. If the pool has a slow leak it will become noticeable after the pool is closed. You may need to add water under the cover on a regular basis to keep the vinyl hanging cover from splitting as well as preventing damage to the liner, walls and concrete bottom.

14 If you are using WATER BAGS, fill the water bags no higher than 3 inches. DO NOT OVERFILL. Do NOT drag them on the concrete. Do not use concrete blocks, bricks, or rocks to hold down the cover. You may use 2x4's weighted with sandbags instead. Place the cover over the pool so that it comes off the deck, straight down the wall and flat across the pool. Put 1 inch of water on top of the cover to keep it from billowing.

15 If you are using a SAFETY COVER, it may be installed over a vinyl hanging cover or by itself. If just the safety cover is installed, we recommend that the pool not be closed before late September (and opened before mid-May) to avoid algae getting out of hand. When adding closing chemicals, add extra algaecide and raise the total alkalinity to 160ppm to allow for acid rain and snow. To install the cover, put the safety cover over the pool. Raise the posts in the middle of the safety cover anchors using the red-handled ¼ inch Allan wrench provided. Then use the chrome bar to hook the springs over the anchors.

16 Store all chemicals in original containers with sealed lids, in a cool dry place where they will not freeze. We recommend that chemicals not be stored next to the pump motor. Store parts where you can find them next year and not in garbage bags. If a lot of water accumulates on the cover before freeze up, it is a good idea, but not required, that some of it be pumped off.

ABOVE GROUND POOLS need special treatment.
Winterizing chemicals should be added before lowering the water and left to circulate for several hours. Lower the water level just below the skimmer. Remove the eyeball and plug off the return. Disconnect the hoses from the bottom of the skimmer and from the return(s). Do NOT plug skimmer. Drain the pump and filter. Bring the pump indoors..

The winter cover is usually secured by a cable around the pool which is tightened with a winch. Add an extra couple of inches of water on top of the cover to reduce billowing.


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